Judge Dr. Mohamed A. M. Ismail

LLB, LLM, PhD- (Cairo University) (FCI Arb-U K)

Judge at the Court of Appeal (Contracts Circuit)

Vice-President of the Egyptian "Conseil D'Etat"

Member of the "'Comité Français D'Arbitrage"

State Prize Laureate, Academic Legal Research, 2011.


• Visiting Fellow at Max-Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Hamburg. A monograph, with a German publisher, was published in January, 2015. The new monograph deals with international infrastructure 3 agreements in the MENA region, particularly PPPs, in the light of PPPs law no. 67 of 2010 in Egypt and its executive regulations.

• Submitted a book chapter for an edited monograph to Max-Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg, about „Harmonizing Private-Public Arbitration and Arab Legislation Constrains‟, particularly, PPPs and arbitration in Egypt, in the light of the Egyptian PPP law, no. 67 of 2010. The book chapter was accepted for publishing with a leading publisher (CUP or OUP). This monograph is part of the lex mercatoria publica project which is funded by the European Research Center. The project was hosted by Max-Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg and is now hosted by the University of Amsterdam.

• Member of the research network in Science Po University: ' Globalization and Public Contracts'.

• Senior Examiner at the PhD and Masters levels, Cairo University, University of Hull, UK, and Many Egyptian and Bahraini universities. (thesis on International Business Transactions, in particular construction contracts and arbitration – State contract arbitrations with private foreign entities concerning various kinds of international contracts, administrative and constitutional law, international economic law).

• Selecting and contacting major British law firms in London as international consultants for the project. (Shearman Sterling), Senior Legal Advisor for the Chairman of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI). Senior Legal Advisor for H.E the Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry.

• Arbitrator in International Construction Contract Disputes. (Presiding and Co-arbitrator).

• Broad knowledge of investment legal issues in Egypt, especially arbitration in international business transactions. Unique perspective on how to encourage foreign direct investments and local exporters. Unique ideas on tax exemptions for exports as well as on withholding taxes.

• Interviewed as a guest by the Egyptian TV in many Channels (English and Arabic) discussing legal issues, investment legislation policies, copyright law issues, international business transaction arbitrations, ADR mechanisms, international foreign policy and international relations in the domain of Public International Law; in addition to many other political and economic issues such as PPPs and infrastructure legal framework in developing countries.

• Senior Legal Adviser for the Legislation and Legal Opinion Commission, Ministry of Justice, Kingdom of Bahrain

• Professor for the Master's Level at the Royal Academy of Police, Kingdom of Bahrain, Administrative Law in Depth.

• Dr Ismail is a founding member and one of the editorial board members of 'Al Qanoniya' law journal, Kingdom of Bahrain. The law journal is a very respected authority in the Gulf   
region and Arab world.

• Dr Ismail has widely published at the UK, Germany,Egypt, Lebanon, Kingdom of Bahrain, Iraq, and in all MENA region countries. 

• Author at the Arab press since 2001, particularly El Ahram, and El El Akhbar newspapers, the widest circulating daily newspaper in Egypt and the Arab world.