Judge Dr. Mohamed A. M. Ismail

LLB, LLM, PhD- (Cairo University) (FCI Arb-U K)

Judge at the Court of Appeal (Contracts Circuit)

Vice-President of the Egyptian "Conseil D'Etat"

Member of the "Comité Français D'Arbitrage"

State Prize Laureate, Academic Legal Research, 2011.

State Prize Laureate, Academic Legal Research, 2011.

The Prize was dedicated to Judge Dr. Mohamed Ismail for his distinguished legal research (books) in Arabic and English. This is the highest award in legal sciences in the Middle East. The Panel which consists of the most six eminent professors in the Middle East decided to grant the Prize after secrutinizing Dr. Ismail's legal research which was submitted in Oct. 2010.

Dr Ismail is a founding member of the Advisory Board of the " The International Journal of Legislative Drafting and Law Reform" UK. The Law journal started as one of the IALS, University of London publications. The Journal is now a publication of the International Association of Legislative Drafting and Law Reform Lawyers ( I.A.L.D.L.A.R.L). Please visit the website:

Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (FCI Arb-UK) 2011

Passed the seven parts of assessment of the fellowship at the UK. This is the highest status in International Arbitration worldwide. The fellowship is an honor, a privilege and the highest academic and professional qualification worldwide. (see: The first judge in the Egyptian Judiciary to obtain the fellowship. The chartered Institute of Arbitrator was established in 1914 at the UK and has many branches worldwide.

Passed the Membership exams in 2002.

PHD (Honors) Cairo University - Egypt - May 2000

• PhD in International Construction Contract Arbitration. The Thesis discussed infrastructure Project Contracts in Egypt as a developing country adopting the civil law legal culture and containing foreign private entities.

• The main concern of the thesis is to prove the deterioration of administrative contracts in civil law countries. This was done through examining the new legal nature of the contracts and arbitrations. The new conditions of the new administrative contracts were analyzed and concluded that the contracts have a new legal nature. This entailed the use of new mechanisms in the settlement of resulting disputes, especially arbitration, in details (FIDIC form of contracts and ICC arbitration has a special significance in the study).

• The thesis consists of two sections. The first section is a comparative study to the French legal system. The second section is a complete comparative study to the English legal system (this was made possible by living in London for more than one year, as a student in the University of London). PhD Research student on International Construction Contract Arbitration. (IALS) London. Aug 1994-Sept 1995.

LLM Cairo University - Egypt - Oct 1992

• Masters degree in Law, including two post graduate diplomas; the first diploma was obtained in Criminal Law and the second diploma in Public Law. (Two calendar years).

LL B Cairo University - Faculty of Law - May 1988

• Bachelor's degree in Law - four years of study. (75%)

• Ranked as the fourth outstanding student out of 4500 students during the first academic year (1984/1985).